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Soul_Fire's Bass Cadet mix


Nineteen tracks to suffer through,including trippy music from outer space by Babylon System, Banco de Gaia and" rel="external"> name a few.
this mix is not for the timid,the weak minded, or pregnant women.
wow! -2 songs are not dubstep! enjoy ....

18 tracks
8 comments on Soul_Fire's Bass Cadet mix

some people cant count - 2 or 3 songs in a mix dont change the overall genre/style-out of 19 tracks! like i said back2school!

it only gives u 3 tags ......all Dubstep (but 2 songs!) its mostly 90%+ dubstep- haaa haaaa haaaaaaaa -oh well.... does all have be dubstep??? ;) its trippy music with fresh crunchie dubz did u hear it all??

also rbert isnt even a member,or dj !!!!!!!
why would anyone care bout his comment*
jus some loser /hater that cant dance,mix or Dj -lol
rbert did u check out my other mixes before you commented?
87% to 90% dubstep

rbert you are Wrong! BACK TO SCHOOL!!!
its a great funky mix
also u get 3 tags max-wake the f#$% up!
peep'z give it a listen and tell me / us what u think!
check my mixes/ info*