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Soul Kitchen Dance • Wednesday June 22nd, 2016


SoulKitchenMixes • Conscious Dance Sets for Ecstatic Travels
Tested & Triumphant on the DanceFloor
Sonically Stirring & Kinesthetically Propelling, each Soul Kitchen Mix is a balanced and complete musical journey intentionally hand-curated to be Eclectic & Expansive to take you many place & Move You Deeply. The musical progression is a cathartic opportunity to touch, tap into, feel & express many facets of our shared Human Experience. Providing Playground & PrayerGround, this is DaNcE MuSiC MeDiCiNe. Once you click 'play' there are only two things to do: Feel and Move. It is my deepest pleasure to share this gift from my heart to yours. And Please: Support the Artists!

16 tracks
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