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Soulkor's Gran Reserve


Handpicked, cellar-matured, crystal-bottled and craftily poured electronic dope - a blend of 9 grapes for pure meditation.

A tribute to @noknow for being the most awesome transatlantic host and a truly refined electronic music sommelier =)

9 tracks
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shit where did I go? what happened here. I see I left a comment but I dont remember what happened after that. shit sucked me in.

@Btrxz super familiar voice! I feel like I should totally know it. has anyone noticed that jungle is making a serious comeback this year?

@dj_dim-mak Jungle and breakcore influences have been aspiring since last winter, and might be at critical mass about now :) Can also already feel like midtempo crunk is gonna come back later this year with influences from 2-step, tribal and future garage =)

@Btrxz @dj_dim-mak - It is of course the voice of Little Dragon. ... I don't know how, but the first time I uploaded this track it got switched to a Little Dragon original by the mystical 8tracks-A.I.. Can anyone of you 8tracks insider "Btch's" tell me how that is even possible =) ?

oh yes. you are blessing these ears (and this humble ego). The CocoBryce track got got switched to Little Dragon by SoundCloud though. Saw that you've been collecting on BandCamp the last couple of weeks and really hype about the results. This is the real dope mister. Thanks for the shout and for making such gorgeous mixes. Hope all is well with you and that we'll get to connect in person again soon. Bright Blessings.

@noknow I'm glad you found it .. and found it appreciable :) Really, what prompted me to make mixes again was your awesome post in the forums, about my trip to Grand Rapids! Things are going very well here, I hope the same for you! Re-uploaded CocoBryce, but dunno if that helps. Else, 8tracks shall not take away the this d&b experience from you: