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all by myself, pt.1


It’s Saturday and you don’t have any plans. You’ve had the crappiest week in living memory, and you really, really don’t feel like talking to anyone. You can’t hide those feelings any longer. There’s just one thing left to do: serve yourself a glass of your finest red wine, get a box of your favorite chocolates and your comfiest pyjamas, stand tall on the sofa and sing your heart out along the most dramatic, over-blown songs in a glorious self-pity fest.

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I'm alone in the office. Everybody else left already, enjoying a beautiful evening sun. Why am I still here? With this playlist it all makes sense. Yes!

Omg, the Soundcloud match of Eternal Flame has a Spanish translation overlaid on it. It's kind of hilarious, his voice is so smooth and night-DJ-esque that it kind of works for the mix!!! Just fyi. I'm loving the mix overall!