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Love Has Finally Come!!!


You know the old addage "a watched pot never boils." Simply put--as it applies to love-- you'll never find love as long as you are actively looking for it. But, nevertheless, when you do find love (or even when it finds you), there is a certain cathartic release in your inner soul as if to say--LOVE HAS FINALLY COME!! Loosing yourself to find yourself in love with another is one of the most scary, soul shaking, freeing experiences of a lifetime. As we near another Valentines Day, you may be a novice to love or a seasoned veteran. Regardless of what stage of love you may find yourself in, embrace the feeling in its truest essence. Happy Valentines Day to all!!!

45 tracks
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@trippyprincesa ❤️❤️I definitely will! Thanks for your comment :) I really enjoyed putting this one together:) Unfortunately it took me a long time to find all these songs that express this playlist. I still have not added all the songs that goes with this playlist yet. This playlist will be over eight hours long. Please have a beautiful and (Stress-Free Day on Purpose)!!! : )❤️❤️