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The Message Is In The Music!!


Ever catch yourself reminiscing about songs of yesterday??? When every other word wasn't a curse word? When sex and money weren't the central theme? The message was in the music; it was uplifting to the soul and good for the spirit--- music that sought to unite us and make us one instead of dividing or demeaning us. Come with me on this fantastic retro musical journey!!! Let the music take control of your mind.

This playlist is my salute and thank you to all of the musical pioneers who made it all happen.

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23 tracks
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this is going to be your first full playlist that I'm going to let take me away to a better place! you checked me out and started to fallowing me! I don't have any mixes of my own, but if I bid,! just from the sound of it I would like to have been something like this. anyways I'm Garfieldgrant Legacy and I'm from Ontario Canada, living in Vancouver Canada working my days as a primary demolition Man but when I can I love to do my Fine Carpentry and I love to create make things with my hands know that in the future or someone else will have my stuff that I have made even when I'm not around that's like your music your mixes they get me through the day brother and all I can say is thank you and keep in touch.