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Do you think I'm spooky?


Halloween Master List. Massive growing list of Halloween tunes, from the favorites you loved as a kid, to brand new ghost songs and little known ghoulish fun.

70 tracks
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Did something happen to this playlist? I feel like half the songs are missing but I'm not sure if it's me or the playlist :(

I love Halloween, not affraid to say I already am putting Halloween stuff up so when this list came up I was like "umm yes I want some Halloween/fall music in my life" after probably track 10 I wonder to myself how many songs there are on the playlist "Holy crap 82?!" I scared my dog with my excitement. ^_^;;;

@Peebjay Me too! I have several hundred songs in my collection... the trouble is finding them on here to add! But glad you are enjoying it!

One of the best playlists I've heard in a long time! It's not even Halloween and I'm listening to this the whole day long ^^ You open for some more songs suggestions?

@SoulSearchy OK OK let's see ]=D here are a few that I thought of: Little Richard - Casper The Friendly Ghost, Corpse Bride OST - Remains of the day, Antsy Pants - Vampire, Jace Everett - Bad Things, Michael Jackson - Thriller (must have! ^^ ), The Addams Family Theme song, Andrew Gold - It Must Be Halloween (or anything from his album Halloween Howls...). I could look for more songs FOREVER, but I don't wanna be a weirdo =) high five again for this playlist!

@Dragon18 Good recommendations!! I actually didn't have a few of these even on my personal lists, so I'm downloading now! The problem is 8tracks doesn't have a lot of the songs I want to add, and now they are losing soundcloud which is where most of these obscure gems came from :( So I don't know what the future of this playlist is now. But please, feel free to tell me about any more spooky songs you love, weirdos are my favorite people ;)