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Arise Music Festival: Day 1 Preview


We here at Souls In Action are elated to present the Souls Rising Stage at Arise Music Festival this year in Loveland, CO- August 8th-10th.

While we'll be featuring some of the best electronic music at the festival, we've put this playlist together from artists on all stages to titillate those ear drums.

Be sure to don't miss out on tickets before they go up in price!

  • YuYu by Yuyu
  • Kan'nal oxlahun by Abrek
  • Under Water Breathing by Gipsy Moon
  • Pandora’s Box by Beats Antique
  • Come Together [HEMP! Tributo Reggae A The Beatles Vol. II by Groundation
  • Tribal Seeds: Dark Angel by CaliforniaRoots
  • Turn To Fate Feat. SensaMotion by TATANKA
  • Regresando (Remix) by The Silver Pesos
  • Live Inside a Dream (feat. Ayla Nereo) by The Polish Ambassador
  • Krooked Drivers by krooked drivers
  • Where I'm Trying to Go (Marvel Years Remix) by Pretty Lights
  • The Day The Rain Came ft. Mason James [ Exclusive] by Evoke
  • "For Always" by Late Night Radio
  • Where The Hood At (Krooked Drivers Remix) by Albert King X DMX
  • South Pacific-50th Anniversary by Voa
  • E40 feat. Kendrick Lamar and Droop-E (azon Bootleg) by Catch a Fade
  • Cheyah (Sonic Geometry Remix) by Mr. Bill
  • Nosebleed Section X Notorious B.I.G. (Marvel Years Remix) by Hilltop Hoods
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