Sound of the Rain
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Trance for Snowy Nights


I've been falling in love with uplifting and progressive trance lately, just trying to discover as many amazing classics as I can. To me, trance is winter music. It makes me think of driving on an empty road at night during a snowfall. The bass is turned up, the car is toasty, and the world outside is frozen under a blanket of snow.

When it's done right, trance can give you goosebumps and full body shivers... so I tried to fill this playlist with nothing but tunes that have that effect on me! The first half is classics from the late 90's and early/mid 2000's. The second half is recent tunes released in the 2010s. Hope you guys enjoy :)

20 tracks
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Very nice mix of some classic and new trance songs! I think there should be an electronic tag here as well. You should listen to some of my mixes, I'm sure there are a few that you would like.