103 comments on gentle instrumental by soundings

This mix is absolutely amazing! It's so calming, and it really helps me focus! Thank you for creating this mix! Also for some reason every time the Lord of the Rings Theme plays I get a tear in my eye... not really sure why, but I'll just chalk it up to great music!

@Justin Schmeltz haha i feel ya, it's such a beautiful piece. A lot of classical music makes me tear up a bit actually haha :p thanks a lot for your comment, and i'm delighted you like this mix! :)

2 things: 1 thank you so much for this wonderful playlist, it is my favorite to study or to read, and the second, you look beautiful in your pic, it is a shame you live so far ;)

i love this mix but i think if you added pretty donna with the atlanta youth symphony and a song for rome it would be ace

This mix is absolutely amazing. It's calming and let's me study with no distractions. I'm in love! I also love the fact that you included familiar tracks on here. My name is also Molly, Molly's must have great taste in music! (: sending love all the way from Maine! <3 thank you!!

@mollytallent Hey Molly! (love your name haha) and yes, i agree, Molly's have an excellent music taste ;) thank you so much for your lovely comment, and i'm sorry it's taken me so long to reply! I'm returning the love from across the Atlantic Ocean in Ireland! :)