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We are doing a study about french urban language.
me and my classmate are proud to give you some french hip hop tracks which are the subject of my study.
Our aim is to make people sensitive that it's not because urban french is not the same than normative french that they should be segregated as under educated and barbarian people.
Hip Hop is the best artistic way to take sides in this unfairness.
10 songs for who they are.

Artist: BANKSY,

Héritier du mal être, brise tes chaines!

10 tracks
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I love what your goal is, I think it's very valid - an urban language is just as much a language as the "high" or prescribed language. Hip hop is a great way to express the beauty of it :) Say, this is a really sweet mix! Could you send it to me perhaps? By email or something? My email is, i'd really appreciate it if you would :)