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Hartwin Roadtrip (or The Eggsy No Playlist)


Basically, in a universe where Harry Hart lives, he and Eggsy go for a road trip (not his decision). Unfortunately for Harry (and JB by extension), Eggsy's in charge of the music (also not his decision).

"Eggsy No", he says seriously, trying to focus on driving.

There is a glint in Eggsy's eyes when he gave Harry a mischievous grin, "Eggsy Yes", he says as the shit eating grin grew wider and starts singing to Vanessa Carlton.

36 tracks
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oh my godddd i don't know how i never found this before but i'm cracking up, and the fact that this is canonically possible now is so much fuckin funnier. god bless. (also this is just a great playlist in general for tormenting friends and family)