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Cold Machines (Part III)


You claimed more, so...
"No words, cold machines but still emotions" begins his 3d journey ... Enjoy !

Thank you for all the feedback received so far.

"Sequencers are Beautiful" (Klaus Schulze)

41 tracks
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Not only is this playlist amazing, but it's lengthy as well. I really appreciate being able to put on one collection on and listen to it for several hours. Thank you for putting this together, I'm imensely grateful.

@Ramabear You're welcome. Thank you for this comment. It was not my original intention to publish a long list, but I did not have any desire to leave the one track aside for this moment and all that seemed relevant. Then maybe you also love the entire collection

Good material right here. Great progression into each individual track. I don't think I would have it any other way. Thank you

One of the best sequences I've ever had the opportunity to listen to - and especially enjoy almost every single minute. The track selection seems to be carefully picked due to the vibe presented by each composition. Amazingly done. Thank you.

You remarkably describes the care that I bring to the realization of my playlists. The choice of songs is one thing, but the order in which I include my tracks is very important (in a "fluidy" way). I hope it shows in my other playlists also, do not hesitate to comment, I'll be happy. Thanks so much

This is the 3d playlist i'm listening from your and I'm sure like the first 2 it will be gold. It really is a beautiful collection. thank you for sharing

Getting a gold is not a priority. I just collect everything I like in all the music I am listening to every day. If a lot of people also like it, I think it is an encouragement to continue.

what I love above all is to receive "likes" the world. Russia, Malaysia, Canada, Spain, China, Denmark etc.. (everyone does not indicate his country in his profile ...). But as 8tracks unfortunately has not (yet) a real messaging system, let me at least a little comment if you like, it's always fun