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Cold Machines - The Last Ones: Reload


A special episode of the Cold Machine's Collection. Because some mixes are very long, I decided to collect especially the last tracks of each ones in a new list. Nothing new, so. Enjoy

11 tracks
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@dj_dim-mak Thank you. Part XII is already out but I am preparing something apart, darker, and another little one with beats&bass. Waiting from your next one too ;-)

@Sowat? I've been distracted by other projects (I"m almost done writing a novel) but I should finally have some new mixes up soon. (maybe this weekend.)

Just started back to school as an adult and I get distracted so easily, discovering your playlists has been an absolute lifesaver for me! Thanks a bunch, you really help me get through it with sounds that keep my brain focused and working

@ShallowSpace That is a great compliment. One of the reasons I publish these playlists is to allow people to escape somewhere where the can recharge. Btw : episode XII is soon ready