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Disappeared And Forgotten Into Darkness


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The Journey :
Track 1 : Prologue : Carefree contemplation...but the night is not so far
Tracks 2-3 : Beauty is fleeting
Tracks 4-6 So cold here
Tracks 7-10 In a dead city, love can be infection
Tracks 11-15 A labyrinth of whispers
Tracks 16-19 I feel so sad
Tracks 20 Finding a Way Out : The Procession

20 tracks
3 comments on Disappeared And Forgotten Into Darkness

@dj_dim-mak yeah indeed, these cold machines can be happy, if they bring the mood they need ... but if you want to infuse them a little dark, you would be surprised how easily they can dig in

immediately loving this. really love track 3 by cold womb descent. fyi, my second halloween mix of the year is out tomorrow, if you think your shattered nerves can handle it. :)

@dj_dim-mak Great. Do not underestimate the power ....(well known catchphrase...). And thanks for the kind comment. I agree, CWD is my favorite one in this mix

@dj_dim-mak @Sowat? I agree wih dj_dim_mak : Cold Womb Descent is awesome. And I found that every single track of this mix has its part of darkness. But thank you to close this journey with this incredible final track that gives hope to get out of this hell

@dj_dim-mak @AirGis Oh I am so sorry you found some hope in it... maybe you will be grateful when you then listen to the playlists of @dj_dim-mak to fall back down in despair, fear and anxiety ...