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Quiet Machines - We Are All Atoms

4 comments on Quiet Machines - We Are All Atoms

Well. After listening to the entire playlist I can safely say that you Sir, define the very essence of 8tracks. You have provided sonic balm for a sore soul. You have also provided me with so many new musical rabbit holes to dive into ( hash-head, Wialenove, Desolate Horizons, Field Rotation, etc.) that I can't wait to get started! Perfectly sequenced with an emotional closer...exceptionally well done, friend!

@kahnman Wow.. No no no. YOU have inspired me at least as much as I could inspire you. So do not reverse roles. Thank you. Listening again to "Light Space and Time" wich is one of my favourites from your collection

@Sowat? Well, I hope we continue to inspire each other for a long time. Just posted a new playlist to keep the creativity flowing...