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We Called It NEW BEAT


A collection of which was the pride of Belgium in the early 90's and announced techno and eurobeat. For insiders ... and for those who are curious ...

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35 tracks
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I remember all those past to dance without worrying about nothing but the next track the DJ will play. Where are my "smileys" and my Dc Martens?? Thank you and congratulations for you choice: they are all in

Glad to read someone who knows what was the real life out there :-D And if by this playlist I could also make discover this genre to others out from Belgium, It would be great

You dare...:-) you can be proud of what Belgium has offered the music in those years, even if it has aged well. Everything was free, creative and uninhibited.
I'd be surprised that people remember and give you many "likes" but this playlist has the merit to exist and you got mine;)

Ha Ha! I knew full well by editing this playlist that it does not attract me a lot of fans around the world: it is a style very (too) localized, but if one person is happy, I have achieved my goal. No complex, no fear. Thank you for your comment