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Ghosts, Witches & Ghouls On Rye


Ghosts, Witches & Ghouls On Rye,
Will Feast On Your Flesh, Come Halloween Night.

17 tracks of swampy Halloween grooves featuring Lord Luther, Count Crow, Victor R. Vampire and friends. [TRT: 42:09]

Artwork © hayes roberts (

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17 tracks
6 comments on Ghosts, Witches & Ghouls On Rye

When I was an elementary school student, our music teacher would lead us to the auditorium for a special Halloween sing-a-long to "Skin and Bones." Sitting on the stage in a circle and in the dark, my teacher would strum and sing the verses while the students echoed the "ooh ooh oo oo." Even though I anticipated the ending (this was a yearly tradition at my school), every time that old woman, all skin and bones, needed her damn broom, my hands started to sweat and my heart began to race. Our version of the song, however, was slightly different. When the woman was about to open the door, a hidden faculty member would jump out from behind the curtain in a mask yelling, "BOO!" Screams and tears from 15, 8-year-olds never stopped them from repeating this Halloween scare-a-long year after year. Until now I never knew the woman was supposed to die at the end rather than returning yearly to scare the shit out of me. Thank you for ending my nightmare!

@meghamel That is super awesome! My elementary school had nothing of the sort. In fact, I actually didn't realize that track was older until quite recently when I ran across another version of it! This one by Lonesome Wyatt was the first I remember hearing. I'm pleased I could release you from your nightmare though!