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So what the hell is this, if it's not the Misfits, you ask? Well, it's a bunch of goddamn sons and daughters of bitches covering the Misfits in a variety of ways is what it is*! So put down that baby you were about to kill and join the Misfits Fiend Club today! Actually, you can kill the baby first if you like (doesn't matter much to me, as long as it's dead), but please bring the corpse (pre-seasoned if possible) to the next meeting for the potluck. And in the interim: STAY EVIL, FIENDS!

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I found VCR while searching for Misfits covers, and that's a fun EP with 8 covers of Misfits songs. Love the artwork for that album - it's very Return of the Living Dead. Doesn't surprise me at all they're from RVA. Also, though I'm allergic to the word, hipster, I'm gonna have to make an exception now that you've added "hipster trash fashion victim" into my lexicon!