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muscle memory


'you don't remember anything else, but when you pull the trigger, it's muscle memory.
when you draw the blade. when they pull you down, down, and under.
when they wipe you clean like a chalk stained slate, muscle memory remains.
when he kisses you, muscle memory remains.'

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@undefined the quote on the image itself is from 'a long winter' on ao3, which is fantastic and you should read it asap. and the bit in the blurb is a lil bit written by me (:

@space-dandy the blurb's what got me interested! anyway... i still can't find it :( link me and i will make a playlist for you based off it :D

@space-dandy oooh founded it thanks to advanced search! but eww... he marries peggy. Sigh... i still want to read it. This one right?

@undefined you definitely should read it, its fantastic. and thank you! i dont think im going to do anything more with the blurb though, sorry, no fics in the works over here