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Do literally anything else

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You're Gonna Go Far Kid gives me chills when you apply it to sans on the no mercy run. I liked that song before, but now... All I can say is "wow."

I'm pretty sure this playlist is a work of art? It's wonderful, the theme is so consistently present, and each song is so enjoyable, and wow, I'm really emotional about this oh boy. From beginning to end I was super invested, all these tracks are in perfect order, and when they shuffle again I'm sure it's still going to be an amazing experience! Really amazing work here!! :D

This thoughtfully constructed and thoroughly enjoyable playlist really acts as a deatiled character study and narrative exploration of Sans, masterfully using a gradual maturation of sound and lyrical tone to provide a kind of "auditory Sans experience" without ditching an overarching sense of unity between the tracks. Masterfully put together and just plain good! Excellent stuff!