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11,700 Miles From Home


13 eclectic versions of one of my all-time favorite American standards, "900 Miles" -- including cuts by Billy Merman, the Illinois All-State Chorus & Terry Callier. [TRT: 40:33]

Art: Close-up of an Empire State train pastel lithograph. Artist unknown.

13 tracks
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Thanks! I'll definitely be making more of these collections of my favorite standards, though I'm not sure which song is up next at the moment. My next mix is #200, so I believe that one will have a celebratory atmosphere.

I was pleased to find that Tony version while making this. The Terry Callier track is my absolute favorite (which is indeed, why it's last!). I love his whole "New Folk Sound of Terry Callier" record. Amazing versions of standards. And I would have put Odetta's version in this, but I found that Illinois choir one and I didn't want two acapella versions, and I was pretty sure no one outside of Illinois has ever heard that version.