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A Higher Plateau


Nothing new here -- just 13 tracks of chilled out hip hop, soul & r&b grooves, largely from 1999-2007 (but as early as 1991). Blunts are optional, but highly recommended. Includes music by Main Flow, His Name Is Alive & Blackalicious. [TRT: 53:52]

Artwork: "Energy Flow" by Giorgio Vaselli.

13 tracks
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@SpaceBunnySounds unless u make a playlist of them, i would have to open 10 tabs or seomthing to be able to feel like its one, and thats a lie because due to my sloth-like laziness i would feel it as a great undertaking each time i had to change ^^ So sry but to sate my thirst only an atleast 3 hours playlist would do ^v^

I recently had a friend who wanted to get into hip hop, particularly stuff with funk or soul samples. I threw a bunch of classic stuff together for him, and made this mix, "Back To The Essence" and "Solid Flawless, So Obvious" as a result. Brought me back to!