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A Return To Form Was Inevitable

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I'm really loving your picks here, mister. On a massive punk kick, mainly due to the BBC's current punk season (, so this is doing things for me :)

sadly, that's not the BBC's style... so the main documentary was all standard, good ol' spirit of '77 stuff, but still really nicely done. The peripheral documentaries were also good, particularly the ones on Poly Styrene and TV Smith and The Adverts - well worth having a look for.

I just watched the last episode, and they DID include a segment about Crass! Sadly, it was more of a passing comment, though there was a little interview with Penny Rimbaud. I'm glad it was there though - glossing over that movement, whilst still talking about Thatcherism, would've been criminal!

man you got good music taste. Can you help me out? I'm looking for something in the vein of pink floyd; the whole ambient synths leading to a big build up that just melts over you. I want more music like that, it blows my mind.
For examples of what I'm talking about, think the buildup from speak to me into breathe and the buildup of Shine on you crazy diamond. Can you recommend other stuff like that?

The only thing that immediately comes to mind is Secret Machines. I only have one EP of theirs (September 000) but it has some Floyd-esque material, which is really great. The closest is the track "What Used To Be French":
I haven't heard their other albums though.