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19 dark tracks of Sabbatical Goat Groove for all your sacrificial blood needs and desires. Not for the faint of heart...or the recently cannibalized. [TRT: 39:30]

Innards: experimental, dark ambient, sound collage, spoken word, industrial, soundtrack, noise.

Artwork by Jess Fink:

19 tracks
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oh my goodness, seriously by track 18 i was like idk how much more i can take of this, it got a little too twisted even for me... but i realized i was almost at the end so i hung in there. damn, great job!! you've inspired me...

@aunt13 OK, but I don't think "SpaceBunnySounds told me to do it" will hold up in court. Kidding aside, glad you made it through to the end! You are a brave soldier.

@SpaceBunnySounds LOL!! oh man, i didn't even realize it sounded like i was inspired to do... *gulp*... THAT! yikes... no more innards for me, thanks :P but i will take more of your mixes! looks like you got lots in that folder! i'm addicted now