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And this is how you do the Wibble Wobble.


20 fun tracks for jumping up and down in a rhythmic manner and shaking your bum informally. Includes music by Paul Ngozi, Los Brincos & K. S. Chithra, and some extended grooving. [TRT: 1:10:37]

20 tracks
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Yeah, all my tracks have complete information when I upload them. As soon as it's published, this new software 8tracks has been using for the past few months screws up all my ID3 tags. It's super annoying. I took a look at the last French mix I made, and out of 31 tracks, only 11 remained fine after publishing. That leaves 20 they messed up. 10 of them had their album info deleted, and 10 had their album info changed entirely (to something incorrect). Since I have 167 mixes, many with lots of tracks, I really don't have time to fix everything that is now incorrect.

I haven't opened up every one of my mixes to check, but every one I have opened has been pretty messed up, and I've opened probably 30 of them. On this mix, 12 out of 20 have been changed. Sigh.