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"Better than a bong rip on a Sunday morning." -- Benjamin Franklin


But don't take Ben's word for it (even though he invented electricity** and is certainly qualified to have an opinion on the matter), give it a figurative spin!

And Welcome to Good Music Inc.'s first Battle of the Mixes! We have gathered some of the best Djs on 8tracks for a little competition. Let the best mix win! Vote here for the best mix -

Whether you vote or not, I hope you'll enjoy my entry in GMI's Battle of the Mixes!

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Awesome play list love the track by January Chanda. Any idea where I can download or buy this track would love to hear more by this band

Glad you like it! Jagari Chanda is a member of the Zambian rock band, Witch. You can pick up an entire Witch box set from Now Again Records here:
The track I used though is a pre-release new recording only available on Now Again's Drip FM.

oh man, when Winters Sweet Oh No came on it reminded me of this surf video I use to watch like 10 times a day a couple years ago: You probably don't care, but thanks for bring me back some memories.

You're very welcome sir! I'm always happy to hear stories like that. =) Here is the original Iranian song (by Kourosh Yaghmaei), being sampled in both videos, in case you're interested!