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Blood & Black Lace!

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I've only seen a few episodes of Hannibal so far but the score really struck me. Amazing work going on there. And I had the lucky fortune to see Goblin with Secret Chiefs 3 in Seattle close to Halloween, and it was the BEST FUCKING SHOW. Seeing Goblin was like a dream come true type of moment for me, and something I never thought would happen!

yesterday was a protesting day for Turkey citizens. We did protest the internet ban and police was like a horror movie. Now I am listening your mix again. U see my life is like a 8tracks mix; work, protest, teargas, home, work, teargas event with friends, home...

Oh dear. So sorry to hear that winca! I can't even imagine. I hope music provides some much needed relief (however inadequate that relief might be).

Oh, also, I totally don't have that track from 5 Dolls for an August Moon! I'm soooo buying the compilation from which you got it!

You knew I thought this mix was rad before you even thought of making this mix. My saying that it is rad is redundant even if I use time travel.