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Ah...can you smell that cold winter air? I just love this time of year. And is there anything more beautiful than the look of new blood on fresh snow? Gosh darn, I'm really feeling the Christmas spirit this year. Well, it's back to the wood-chipper for many downright rotten boys and girls to dispose of! If anybody cares to pop over for a spot of blood tea, it'll be freshly squeezed! And if I don't see you, have a Merry Fucking Whatever!

14 tracks
6 comments on Blood-Spattered Christmas

You know how to set the right mood for the seasons mate.
And true it is, that nothing is as pretty as new blood on fresh snow.
Merry Fucking Whatever to you too Mr. Bunny!

Damn! That Ken Thomson track is haunting! Nothing is as terrifying as dissonance. So many spectacular pieces of music in this bloody forrest lake. Great job again friend.