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Business. Numbers. Money. People. Welcome to Wall Street, home of the Patrick Bateman Vulture Class. To play, insert coins and navigate your way to financial freedom (or ruin) through a complex web of predatory policies and practices. The rules? There are NO FUCKING RULES dude! Game On. And good luck!

** For your convenience, all safety nets have been removed from gameplay.

((((“Growth for the sake of growth is the ideology of the cancer cell."))))

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Though I'm a little nervous with how close to the heart this feels...maybe there's an asshole capitalist inside there after all! D:

@katcosmonaut Be vigilant, comrade! The asshole capitalist is bound to start charging bacteria rent to live inside you and will then sell off all the organs s/he can't get a decent monthly price for!

Where can I sign to request a second part?
I love the atmosphere it conveys, I'll bet half of the plays it has are mine :-)

Well, I had the idea for this mix for about a year before it finally came together, and while I'd love to make a part 2 (it's on the radar), it's a matter of making sure everything is up to par with this mix, quality-wise. When I get enough material, I'll make sure you know it's up! But it could be quite while.

@Rockafu Hi there! Part 2, which took on a different form, has finally arrived. Only took 3 years! Just letting you know as promised, though you might not even use the site anymore. Cheers. ^_^