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For A Good Time, Inquire Within!


Indie Pop from 2013 because sometimes you just have to jump up and down, sans pants*! Featuring The Blow, Tullycraft and Saturday Looks Good To Me! 16 tracks of pure pop goodness! [TRT: 46:37!]

*If you insist upon listening to this mix while wearing pants, I will be forced to put a hex on you! Also, don't let the 'no pants' stipulation keep you from enjoying this at work; no one's the boss of you!

Photo by David Kozlowski (a Dallas, Texas based photographer on Flickr)!

16 tracks
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I follow, to the letter, every single rule that you write. However, I can very nearly guarantee that I will commit some hexworthy act within the next 48 hours, so you may as well stock up.