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for those with no shopping agenda


11 jazzy tracks for staying sane during a distressingly over-commercialized holiday season.

[TRT: 42:48]

Art: 50s Christmas card (artist unknown)

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11 tracks
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I was hesitant to start listening to Christmas mixes (at all) but I'm so pleased I gave this one a listen. :) Also it's been real great hearing more of your jazzier side!

@katcosmonaut I hear ya' on the Christmas music! I've never really cared for it myself, but wondered if that was because it was all terrible, or because we just never hear the good stuff. So it was a challenge to myself to discover Christmas music I could enjoy, and hopefully bring back from the void for others as well. These are only coming out this early because they have to be up before December to be in the 8tracks competition, and I have a few more to complete. It's been a rewarding experience though! ^_^

@katcosmonaut And if you wanna hear how I would normally do Christmas, check out the only Christmas mix I ever made prior to this year, called "Blood-Spattered Christmas." I would link you up, but we can no longer post links in the comments section. Cheers!

@SpaceBunnySounds Oh boy, I will DEFINITELY be checking out that mix! And serious kudos for challenging yourself and making the holiday mixes. It's likely no easy task, but I feel like it's one placed in quite capable hands! ;D

This mix also worked for one, where not even christmas made it on the agenda quite yet :) Could'nt imagine a better way than this ... to maybe catch a bit of the holiday mood :)

@soulkor I wouldn't normally be doing Christmas stuff this early, but for the 8tracks contest everything has to be up before December even starts. Glad you found the mood appealing. Cheers!