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four twenty after dark

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@Btrxz Aww, thanks B! My absence started off as a normal quiet period as I obsessed over cinema, which happens pretty much every year for a month or two. Then my Mac G5 stopped working, cutting me off from all my music which is on Mac-formatted external drives. I was too afraid to take the Mac in for a couple months because I didn't want to KNOW it was dead. I just dropped it off at the shop on Monday though, so we'll see how that goes. I've also had some personal issues the last 2 months. I'm almost done with a mix though, put together with all new-to-me-music on my pink PC laptop. I should be back shortly! I'll definitely be making some Halloween mixes for sure!

I don't smoke anymore at the age where all the weak buffalo have been weeded and only the strong ones wonder the prairies of my mind. I do still have enough traces of THC in the minds soil that get activated when listening to music. So I am good and thank you- for the spark!

@dj_dim-mak I celebrated before work. I will also celebrate during the later half of my shift (thanks chocolate!), and when I get home! Bunnies are very celebratory, you see.