20 comments on Havana After Dark by SpaceBunnySounds

thank you, thank you for this MIX! I wasn't sure if afro-cuban was tagged in 8tracks. Plus, I've been searching for THIS version of the song Angelitos Negros after I heard it playing in a store.

Glad I could help! And there are not a lot of mixes tagged Afro-Cuban -- 24 with the hyphen, and another 11 without a hyphen. Seems criminal there is so little!

Thanks man! All 4 of these were sourced purely from vinyl records (not ripped by me though). Those Vintage 45s in particular are a goldmine of amazing material from the 50s and 60s! I went through about 150 Cuban 45s (digitally), and ended up purchasing 128 tracks to make mixes from. So if you like Cuban music, there are more mixes for you on the way! I have at least 3 more planned.