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Everything has been pretty easy since I've learned how to be careful. People are the hardest thing. When I see people together, they don't talk. Not really. They don't say what they mean. Then they, they have the other... the sexy stuff. Whenever they want. I've been much too shy to ever do the sexy stuff. I mean, do it with someone who's awake. Someday maybe I'll get to do it - awake - without the blood part...

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This mix was my welcome carpet on 8tracks!

I made sure to wipe my feet gently.

Now ''SpaceBunnySounds'' is pretty much the only thing I type in the search box to begin my music hunt.

Welcome to 8tracks! You'll find plenty of good DJs here, though I wouldn't dream of kicking you out of my space lair! =) Looks like you've got some good mixes too. I'll have to dig in!