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Man, introspecting, saw himself at his real worth, and was not proud.

-- Will Lillibridge, "A Breath of Prairie and Other Stories" (1911)

9 tracks featuring Old And New Dreams, Carla Marciano 4tet, and Harriet Tubman. [57 minutes]

Art by Los Angeles based artist, Aaron Morse

9 tracks
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@katcosmonaut New to me too! Most of my knowledge of jazz ends in the late 60s, and I've rarely gone beyond the 70s. But I recently ran across the Italian free jazz/avant-garde record label, Black Saint (founded in '75), and its sister label, Soul Note ('79) and have become obsessed with them. I've only sampled 72 of their releases so far and I ran out of money! I'll be free jazzing for awhile.