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Meanwhile in California


In California there's sunshine,
as far as the eyes can see,
and everyone is naked,
and all the drugs are free.

20 tracks for the Golden State! [TRT: 52:36]

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20 tracks
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I am excited for this. I spent the Fall in California and now the Winter in Arizona. :) California is expensive and the people weren't all that friendly but the weather and scenery is breathtaking. I would definitely go back to visit! Oregon is my favorite place to be in the states though hands down!

@DJ_Serenity 1) California can definitely be expensive, though some parts aren't too bad, price-wise. Of course, you mostly wouldn't want to live in those parts! 2) Sorry our people weren't friendly! California is quite large though, so some parts are much nicer than others. I don't know where you went, but the entire "Central Valley" for instance, is a kind of a hostile environment in general and I would not recommend going there. 3) I love Oregon too. I'm pretty partial to the entire West Coast actually. 4) Don't suppose you're from anywhere near Richmond? So many good 8trackers are from RVA! Must be a great place. 5) Re: naked: I have a whole mix about the Tyranny of Pants! 6) Glad you liked it! Cheers from the Golden State!

@SpaceBunnySounds RAWRRR!!! It won't let me reply back. Oh well. I will definitely have to check out that pants mix. I am from right outside Washington DC maybe like 30 min away. I never really went to Richmond. East coast is lame. I think I am going to stick it to this side of the country! he he ;D

Ugh this is dangerously good! I've never wanted to visit California more in my life right now. How long do you think a bus ride would take??

@katcosmonaut 2 Days & 7 hours, from Toronto to LA. That'll run you between $400-$600. Or you could fly for 9.5 hours, and bring your cost down to $250-$400. Cheers!