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My Bacteria Plays The Trombone!


And yours can too! Just switch from a balanced diet to one consisting mainly of Lime Cheese Salad. It's a truly unique dish, totally not invented on a dare or anything of that nature. This is a fine All-American recipe, based on wholesome, All-American ingredients like lime jello, vinegar, onion, cottage cheese, mayonnaise, and seafood salad! [Note: and salad greens too, if you're one of those weird people who eat the garnish.]

If enough of you join my new diet craze, we might be able to convince our bacteria to start a jazz quartet variety show and never have to work again (obviously). So what do you say, are you ready for a new you, friend?

Uh, your body will thank you?


21 tracks by Radar Men from the Moon, Mr. Scruff, and Harry Arnold And His Orchestra. [77 minutes]

21 tracks
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If you need words of encouragement to join my new diet craze, here they are, care of Debbie Harry in the movie Videodrome, "don't be afraid to let your body die." ^_^