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@Btrxz Aww, thanks so much! I amactually currently working on something for the first time in about a year, that should be done soonish, but it's not exactly uplifting, since my later mixes tend to be something akin to a diary, and I'm kind of a depressive.

@SpaceBunnySounds So incredibly hard not to be (depressive), I have t try so fucking hard to be Loving, compassionate, Mercyful, Kind to my enemies it is dizzying and downright sad. That it takes so much energy to be truly loving. The balance is so elusive. I just don't want to fall into the trap of being an angry hateful person, but these times make it so hard it's exhausting... How do you LOVE the enemy? How do you be the better person? How do you show compassion to the compassionless? and should you? Hate breeds hate. Can we break the cycle? NOV! Hope to hear more SBS soon! My mixes are diaries and call to action nonreaction to the culture we are drownding in. Fight the good Fight!