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one less year, one more drink


lying on the bathroom floor,
eating snowflakes with plastic forks,
by candlelight, flickering half bright,
went to a place where I am always high,

I don't know if I could drive a car,
fast enough to get to where you are,
and I could try,
but waking up is harder when you wanna die,

I may have missed the boat completely,
thinking maybe, you know just maybe,
there'll be one less year,
and one more drink.

14 tracks of sad bunny groove featuring Ee, the Eels & Built To Spill.

[TRT: 46:39]

14 tracks
7 comments on one less year, one more drink

I've been mainlining the series "Homicide: Life On The Streets" and it's been bumming me out big time! I'm nearing the end though (I'm in late S6), so hopefully greener pastures await me.

that would do it. kind of felt that way after completing 'the wire'. perhaps you'll need to watch every episode of 'Gumby' afterwards. :)

I can see that, though I watched The Wire as it aired and then had to wait a year for each new season so the depression was released over a much longer period of time. Gumby would indeed make a nice pallet cleanser!