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As a young SpaceBunny, I had a Popple and if you don't like it then you can kindly go fuck yourself.

12 poppy tracks the fuckin' Popples would plop around to. [TRT: 35:36]

My Popple had a name. Its name was Big Kick. It turned into a soccer ball (football) and it was super cool.* Do you have any Popple memories, good, bad, filled with hatred?

:30 Spot for Popples:

*Certainly debatable.

12 tracks
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Popples!! I'd forgotten all about (or suppressed) the existence of these odd creatures! I actually think I had an orange one, but I don't remember it turning into anything cool like a soccer ball. On second thought, maybe I'm thinking if the Wuzzle I owned....

Per Wikipedia, there were 9 original Popples that just turned into balls. The 2nd wave was Rock Star Popples & Baby Popples. Those were followed by Pufflings (Popple pets), then Sports Popples, then random full sized Popples, then Pocket Popples. And finally a revival line in 2007 called 'Popp n Giggles Popples.' Good lord that's a fuckton of Popples! Side note: I "liked" the Wuzzles too! ^_^

Good gracious! That IS a lot of Popples! That seems like an awful lot of attempts made for something was so short-lived!

On a different note, it's a real shame we can't post pictures to threads because I'm about 99% sure one exists of me with either the popple or the wuzzle :)

I suspected you might have something fun to say about Popples, EM. You did not disappoint! And good detective work R_R! YMG are one my all time favorites.