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Pre-Enlightenment Groove

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@Btrxz That's a compilation album released in 2005 of BM's first 2 albums, which were originally released in 1970/1972. The song I used is from their debut 1970 album.

@Btrxz Did the track say 2005 when you played it? I changed all the years to the original release dates before publishing this and I just double-checked my info, and I have that track listed as 1970. Is 8tracks over-ruling me?

@SpaceBunnySounds I know it is, but the information was wrong the album title given is the title of the 2005 album not the album title of the 1970's

@Btrxz Sure. But the track was pulled from the 2005 comp, so I left that album title, but changed the year to the original song's release date in an effort to show what era the song is from.

@SpaceBunnySounds Information manipulation its so 2017! The proper thing to have done (librarian hear) would have been to make an annotation in the description telling us that is was originally found on the 1970 album Black Merda by Black Merda. or something like that.