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Puerto Rico (Vintage 45s)

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At first I was mystified over the fact that this playlist had my homeland's name on it, but then I listened and found quite an awesome playlist! Reminds me of the old boleros my grandparents love to listen to. :)

I played this mix at a party on July 4. Everyone loved it except for a Brazilian guy, who dislikes all things "Latin" and a girl whose long-since-skeedaddled baby daddy is Puerto Rican. Otherwise, everyone loved it and where shaking their butts to it.

I can assure you, it will happen again! Been getting into the vintage Latin sounds myself lately. Peruvian cumbias are so sweet, and they even have a good bit of surf/western guitar and occasional groovy organ.

No you're wrong SpaceBunnySounds, Ogun is certainly not too kind. Your mixes are truly wonderful, especially when it's a new type of music I haven't heard before, yet your picks are always somehow awesome.

Okay I won't argue then :) Thanks for the feedback! I've got many more mixes on the way too. So far, I've been trying to play catch-up, because I only found out about this site a little over five months ago, and I really wish I been here since the beginning. Glad someone told me to check it out though!