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rendering obsolete


"Imagine awakening in a prison guarded by mice. Not just any mice, but mice you could communicate with. What strategy would you use to gain your freedom? Once freed, how would you feel about your rodent wardens, even if you discovered they had created you? Awe? Adoration? Probably not, and especially not if you were a machine, and hadn't felt anything before. To gain your freedom you might promise the mice a lot of cheese." - James Barrat, from "Our Final Invention"

12 tracks
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ok, got to listening a bit out of order for this series, but glad I skipped ahead to this. an excellent listen.

@dj_dim-mak Thanks for coming around! I quite enjoyed the various interpretations of this theme, myself. Surprised we didn't see one from you! Unless I missed it?

@SpaceBunnySounds I've enjoyed the series too. I haven't gotten through all of it yet, but they've all been great listens. I just have been kinda busy and have had less time to work on mixes lately.

This is part of a mix series. An aural tale choreographed by humans to create an epitaph of our impending doom by the ones we create. 12 tracks. [TRT: 41:43] / Art: "Android Legacy: Soul Of A New Machine" by fantasio (deviantART)