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Surf Party On Monster Island


Warning! You are now entering Blood Beach, Monster Island. Population: Dead! It's rather unfortunate you've found yourself here but now that you have, you might as well enjoy the show. Feel free to skip the suntan lotion, as you're not long for this world mate!

17 tracks of Halloween surf (or surf-adjacent) tunage featuring Frankie Stein and His Ghouls, The Phantom 5, and The Devil and His Disciples. [TRT: 44:54]

Artwork by Ican Harem. []

17 tracks
6 comments on Surf Party On Monster Island

finally get to all 8 of your Halloween mixes and you make another one, you sly bunny you. well, i'll get to that too, but I'm totally having fun with this one in the meantime.

@dj_dim-mak I originally had many more planned, but then stuff came up. You're still likely to see at least one more by tomorrow, and probably one post Halloween called "Halloween's over when I fucking say it's over!" Then I might save the rest for next year. ^_^

@SpaceBunnySounds I'd call you a madman, but my halloween trilogy for 2014 turned into a fourparter, so i'd have to claim a little insanity myself.