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Swingin' Sexadelic Dance Party!

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Maybe you hate this, but I'm sure I'm gonna luv it... 8) Btw. the stuff here makes me think of starting a new series inspired by those.... Campus Swingers movies: YAAY!!

Sure, you're damn right!! Funny fact besides is that the international titles of each episode differ from the original ones which just got consecutive numbers ("Schulmadchenreport Vol. X" up to 10? I think). Oh, and yes, this Gert Wilden compilation is kinda f#*?' A indeed!

all the Schulmadchenreports even got the same opening theme, as you can watch here (pt. 5):

further note: still have to check out Hyman's sexual awakening

Oh look, I've found another one:
Must be the opening scene from pt. 2 (not pt. 1 as described). It got Spanish subs ... and a charming accent *mwahaha