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The Music is the Message!


Howdy Partners! For my 300th mix, I decided to throw a little disco funk dance party in my Space Lair! Freaks are welcome free of charge, but Squares have GOTS to pay.

Attn: Freaks - Please enter via the Express lane.

Attn: Squares - You must use the main entrance, pay a $25 cover charge, and are subject to a four drink minimum, mostly for the purpose of loosening you lot the fuck up. Please note: Any square caught impersonating a freak will be torn asunder by Aliens before becoming the main course of the evening; don't even try it, fuckers.

Attn: All - Cheers! And welcome aboard!

20 tracks featuring Lefties Soul Connection, Stankbone, and Ray Harris & The Fusion Experience!

[88 minutes]

Art: Alien Life of the Party by JD Hancock.

20 tracks
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