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Who is ready for tea, crumpets, fun, adventure and animated conversations? You sir or madame? Well howdy heck are you in luck, friend! This Very Special Invitation admits one (+guest) to the Robot's Tea Party! Festivities begin promptly at 2pm. That's 2pm sharp, folks. Robots are punctual motherfuckers. Fuck around, and they'll melt your flesh with lasers! But you'll be a nice and clean on-time guest, won't you? Hope to see you all* there!

*Not really; some of you are probably jerks.

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There is a distinct turtle-humping sound in 'Madder Than Mad". I'm not saying I don't like it. I have to run as I showed up for the party waaay early and now there are flesh-melting beams targeting my meat, but I'm gonna listen as I attempt to flee from my impending demise.