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They arrived in small waves, buying the house next door, enrolling their kids in our school, coming to Church on Sundays. But no one suspected a thing. How can you spot an invading force that looks, talks, and acts just like you do? No, we never had a chance. The game was over for us before we even knew we were playing it.

18 tracks featuring Cecil Leuter, Jean-Jacques Perrey, and Pril Smiley. [TRT: 1:01:41]

Art: The Iron Virgin by Ed Valigursky

18 tracks
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though this is truly and excellent mix, I'm afraid you've revealed to much mr. spacebunny. but worry not, your suffering will be eliminated soon. the bureau has been alerted.

@SpaceBunnySounds we regret to inform you the bureau has had to have its assets reallocated. officially of course, there is no bureau nor has there ever been. you are no reading this message. please continue suffering as if nothing ever happened. in fact, nothing HAS ever happened.