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This World Is Not My Home


"Welcome to our house
We only wanted to be good for the caller
Welcome to us, leave a message
Let us know what you're after
It may seem like there's nobody home
Really we're sitting right by the phone
Letting you speak to a machine
Letting you go first to say what you want."

19 tracks for drowning in it, featuring Jeff Mangum, Lou Barlow & David Pajo. [TRT: 50:28]

Artwork by Philippe Cazaumayou.

19 tracks
6 comments on This World Is Not My Home

Entertaining and edifying. Just right for a gloomy Saturday afternoon when unexpected rain has dashed hopes for a riverside picnic, but the sun still teases through the damp leaves outside the window.

Cheer up! Summer should be on its way around the northern hemisphere, so things are probably looking up - I find that the weather accounts for what we call moods.

Really beautiful stuff. Always loved how the live album gave some insight into what came after, especially with that song (crazy to think Jeff even says that it might never be finished right before he plays it). Also, thank you for the tip on His Name Is Alive, definitely gonna hunt some of their stuff down.

Oh man, His Name Is Alive is one of my 5 favorite bands in the world. They’ve had a long an extremely long and varied career. They started out as a beautifully haunting experimental group on 4AD Records, then moved to fuzzy indie pop, then doo-wop, beach boys & 60’s influenced music, then late night r&b, then a number of records I can’t describe accurately. They’ve also made free jazz records, ambient field recordings, 20th century classical instrumentals, and recorded an album of nature jams at a Buddhist temple in Osaka, Japan. They’re all over the map musically, and all over my mixes! If you need a guided tour or anything, let me know!

Wow, that is a daunting amount of things I like in one band description. Would you recommend starting with their 4AD stuff, or is there another period of theirs you think would be a better introduction to them? They sound like a band that I'll be spending a lot of time with based on what I've heard and what you've described, I'm just unsure of where to start.

Here's a track from their first album "Livonia." If this works for you, I'd start there! They're first 2 albums "Livonia" & "Home Is In Your Head" are really beautiful. If you're not feeling this track, perhaps a good place to start is "Stars on ESP" which has a 50's & 60's sound.

Really digging this. Oozes 4AD, kind of a Dead Can Dance/ Cocteau Twins vibe. Gonna hop on those first two albums, seems like it'll be appropriate for this fog layer we have coming in. Stars on ESP is also jumping out at me (it says Mark Koselek also worked on that album, which just makes me question even more how long it took me to find this band). Thanks!

When HNIA came out, they were actually called a Cocteau Twins ripoff by some (unfairly!, though there are definitely similarities). Fred Thomas used to be in the band too (he went on to form Saturday Looks Good To Me, one of my favorite indie pop groups ever).

I mean, it's not an unfavorable comparison but I can see how it would be a little insufficient to get at what this band is all about. And I will also check out Saturday Looks Good To Me, after an initial listen to HNIA I trust your taste even more than I already did (which was a lot). Music discovery!

Me either! But I was inspired a bit by your Spring mix, and felt like hearing some acoustic indie stuff. Also, I felt it was time to put a Beck song in a mix (I can't believe I made almost 200 mixes without doing that!).

I am honored to think that I have inspired your choices in any way.
And now that you mention it, my mixes are woefully bereft of Beck's work as well, which is strange considering how often his music plays in my mind.